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Transportation and Mobility

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On board computer - Driver’s console

Rugged platforms are the ideal solution for the “connected train”: on board computers, network appliances, intelligent panel PCs for Human Machine Interface , Mobile Access Routers for train to ground communication and for wireless services to passengers.

Public Address - Passenger Information System – Entertainment

Integrated infotainment solution for passengers to meet today’s requirements from both business travelers and tourist passengers: on board wireless connections, internet and mobile phones, even for high speed trains. Basic and advanced passenger information as well as audio and video channels are managed through Eurotech EN50155 compliant rugged displays.

Security and Surveillance

Nowadays security and surveillance play a key role on the transportation of people and goods. We offer a complete solution for video recording and subsequent data analysis specifically designed for the rolling stock market.

Passenger counting - Ticketing and passenger services

Passenger counting devices and data collections software allow operators to know the distributions of passengers over the time. By analyzing collected data, operators can optimize the timetables for every route. We also supply portable computers to be used by the on board and service personnel for ticketing, information to passengers on the train network, timetables and for maintenance purposes.


On board computer - Driver’s console - Fleet Management

On board computers are based on scalable solutions to meet every applicative scenario. From compacts computers with integrated display to rugged computing devices with integrated GPS receiver for fleet management.

Public Address - Passenger Information System – Entertainment

We offers PA systems to allow the bus driver to make announcements to all the passengers at once, like announcing the next stop. PA and PIS are also used in guided tours from the guide to interact with people. Combined with rugged displays, PA and PIS provide entertainment to the passenger on the go. Our wireless hot spots installed on buses provide a mobile high-speed Internet access solution specifically designed for mass transit vehicles.

Security and Surveillance

Security cameras on buses and at stations represents a great security solution. They can help protect citizens from terrorist attacks, prevent vandalism, violence and crime and help maintain a safe transportation environment. Our video recording solutions provide hardware for both analog and digital cameras and well as software to analyze the recorded data.

Ticketing and passenger services -Passenger counting

By analyzing data collected from passenger counting systems and software, operators can optimize the timetables for every and take benefit of setting higher advertisement charges in the peak time which can be certified through the passenger distribution reports generated by our software.

We also offer a range of portable computers, hand held or wearable, to be used by the on board personnel for tickets control and sale.